Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mountain of Hell Update and early rider shot discovered

I think I am finally regsitered for Mountain of Hell 2007. Went down to the tourist information in 2alpes, and tried to find out if I was already registered (bearing in mind I had done it by email and also by sending my brother in with a completed form) - however they were unable to tell me, the main message coming through was that if I hadn't crossed their sweaty French palms with silver then my name was not down. So I filled in another registration form (inscription in French) and went back with 55Euros, and handed in my doctors note (they took the original, but I retained a photocopy) and they also photocopied my BCF racing licence.

I had to ask for a receipt, because once they had the money they were happy enough to call it a done deal.

Hopefully when I turn up to register on Friday 20th June it will all go smoothly (I doubt that)
Also, check this photo, recently unearthed showing early signs of bike skills (thats the saddle between my legs btw) - That budgie went on to be thrown down many a hill, sometimes with 3 people on, 2 on the seat and 1 on the handle bars. There also seems to be only a front brake, can't remember if the rear brake worked by pedalling backwards or not, maybe it just didn't have one..........

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