Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Megavalanche Race Number - Mountain of Hell update

My Mega race number is 71. Nico Vouillez is number 1 (he was the winner last year) - Not sure how the qualifying is run, but I could be up against Nico. Watch out Nico. Haha :D

The courses for the Mountain of Hell qualifying and race are now marked on the ground. The main race uses a black rated route called "Double Black" (see what they did there - on the 2Alpes VTT map - this route is listed as number 30 out of 31 in difficulty!). Never tried it before, did today. Came off four times. Super steep (steeper than the Sprint Avalanche track from yesterday) - brakes are pretty useless, you just end up sliding both wheels and losing control. Random large dropoffs litter the track. Saw a couple of guys who could actually ride do it, they made it look easy. I made it look shite!!! Anyway, I intend to practice this section - I figure if I can ride this then the rest will be easy. Or thats the plan.
I am sporting a nice yellow and red knee from where my knee pads slipped round as I went down for the last time. The good thing was I ended up taking a red route to get down to the bikepark - and found this easy, the other day i could hardly ride that. Steep learning curve here we come. What these trails are going to be like in a race situation with some crazy foreigner on your back wheel god knows!!!!

VTT is the French version of MTB it means "Vélo Tout Terrain" literally translated it means "Bicycle any ground"

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