Wednesday, May 16, 2012

its been a while...

Hello again...
So its been a while (again) but there has been some good progress:

1) Electrics:
Mains hookup installed and working, solar panel connected.  When connected to mains can charge either the van or leisure batteries.  Also ran the cable from the Sargent control box through the underfloor channel for the water pump and fridge.  I used thick cable for the fridge to prevent too much voltage drop.
2) Water:
Finally managed to get the water tank fitted - this has been a mammoth task, incorrectly specified frame dimensions meant I had to get it re-welded - I had to drill and bolt into the chassis and this took a while (and several drill bits) - I have been layed on my back under the van for days....
3) Gas:
Gas tank fitted (including filler point and hose), pipe bender aquired and started to make the pipes for the appliances
4) Fridge:
Aquired and basic kitchen frame built.

Gas Tank (L) Water Tank (R)

Another view of the tanks...

Kitchen area, speaker mounted to MDF above

Fridge and Sink / Hob

Another view, temporary fitting only

The bane of the last week, monster water tank frame, before having the crossmembers moved and rewelded....

LPG Fill point

LPG Fill point (again)

Next week I have a gas check, so I need to get all gas fittings installed, which means finishing the kitchen area. 
I also have the rest of the ply for the walls....
I still have 24 working days before I sail to Santander, loads of time ;)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

celebration day

I suspect today is one for celebration, as one part of the wall is complete..


Putting it all together...
Completed bed box, I now have somewhere to sleep.  Essential item no.1 finished (item number 2 is water and number 3 is cooking)....

Bed box with additional strengthening bits.

Lower part of the wall, with cut-out and platform for water heater, and mains hookup (small hole on the left)

Water Heater in-situ, notice hot and cold water pipes at the ready.

2x110aH leisure battteries.  For our European viewers, this is what 2 foot looks like.

Again, with lids on.  2 feet again visible.
Silver tape over the expanding foam.  The black line is the gas pipe for the water heater before its bent into position....

I now have a plan for completing the roof, have some cables for the power unit on their way, and have some bolts ready to finish the LPG tank, so expect some progress over the next few days.  Oh and I am biking all weekend :)