Saturday, June 30, 2007

je suis arrivé

Phew - arrived in Morgins in Switzerland at around 6pm. 8hrs 38mins of travelling. TomTom was great throughout - brought me via Lausanne in Switzerland, dropped me right at the edge of Lake Geneva, drove past Montreux (made famous in Deep Purples "Smoke on the Water" - classic 70s rock!!!)

Small issue when I tried to fill up with gas at my planned stop near Troyes. The connector is different to the UK Arggghhh. I had been warned of this but plain forgot to check. Fortunately, they handily sold a converter at the station as well. Panic over. LPG (or GPL as it is known here!) is around 0.70 Euro a litre, more expensive than the UK, but unleaded is 1.70 Euro here in the Alps so much cheaper than that.

Hotel is great, I'll get some photos, a large painting of a cow is on the wall in a psychedelic style, I think photos are needed to see what I mean there. (Update - heres the cow)

Free wireless internet too (hence this)

Registered and got my pack for the event tomorrow, I am number 3201. Weatherwise, according to the tourist centre, there may be storms tomorrow afternoon, so an early start is in order. The lifts close in the event of storms so that no-one gets struck by lightning.

Spoken to Glen (airscool) and I am meeting up with him and a couple of other BadBrainsers for food at 8:30pm in Chatel. Then early to bed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soon young Padowan....

Ha! Weathers looking good (small amount of rain in the afternoon) for Sunday in the Portes du Soleil area - now bring on 80km of alpine riding!!!!! proper mountains as well -
I set off for the ferry tomorrow afternoon - can't wait - meeting Airscool etc. in Chatel on Saturday night

see here

bring it on!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Not be long now.....

Phew nearly time to board the ferry to Zeebrugge and drive to Switzerland. Seems to have arrived all of a sudden.

Organised? Non.

As long as I remeber the bikes, I will be happy.

Need a list, must start on it tonight :D

Oh BTW, I "accidentally" bought a Santacruz VP-Free off eBay, so that will now be my weapon of choice in the Alps, the enduro acting as backup bike.
8.5" of travel? You got it
12mm Bolt through rear axle? Its there

Been to Llandegla a couple of times on it and it flies - very jumpable as well. Hopefully won't get me into too much trouble :D