Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mountain of Hell begins.....tomorrow

Been a rest day today - for tomorrow brings the start of the Mountain of Hell weekend, with registration and practice all day.
Matt and Graham (met them in Alpe d'Huez) are coming over tomorrow morning to help out with practice. I need it!
Just watched the helmet cam footage of last years race, lots of people came off on the double black section, so that made me feel better, however the fact that the descent to Venosc isn't via the red track but by a footpath (you can see this path from the lift and it looks very steep - there are lots of steps in it, and with it being a footpath none of the corners are bermed) made me feel worse.
Anyhow the time is nigh - unfortunately sans helmet cam because the hard drive unit keeps making corrupt files, we guess because of the vibration.
I have a possible solution for the Megavalanche, however that relies on French eBay, so I am not holding my breath. Just means coming back next year to get the footage!!!
Bon Voyage!

I bought the 7megapixel files from the photo guy in 2Alpes, heres one:

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