Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First Ride in 2alpes

Spent an hour or so at the bike park this morning, and whilst the top lifts where shrouded in cloud, there was a break or two, so I thought a trip up the mountain was in order to do Le Diable (a blue rated 800m descent from 2400m)..... after sorting a lift pass, got up there into the clouds and made the run.
Very slippy, not really muddy but a slippery surface to the trail. Saw a marmotte run across the trail at one point, good to see the local wildlife enhoying itself. Anyhow it took 17mins to descent the 800m, not sure of the length of the trail as I didn't have the GPS on (will do next time)
Second run, about halfway up the lift it started snowing! So as I descended this turned to rain, and I didn't have any tear offs on my googles, so had to stop every few minutes to wipe them, not that it made much difference as I was actually in a cloud at this point. Great to fly into a berm knowing that on the other side of it is a sheer 2000m drop, only you can't tell because its just more cloud (!) The trail seemed to get even more slippery, I guess with the fresh rain on it, and one or two sketchy moments with the back wheel washing out and sliding all over the place going into berms (the berms with a 2000m sheer drop on the other side) - sure focuses the mind....
Hosed the bike down at the lift station, and headed back to the apartment for a brew and some lunch

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