Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kicking back, Mega lift pass, and Sprint Avalanche

Not been doing much for the last 2 days, taking it easy and trying to get my aching muscles and joints into better condition.
Went to Alpe d'Huez today, to pick up my weeks lift pass (part of the Megavalanche entry) and ride a couple of the trails. Did more or less all of the Mega qualiying route. Nice and muddy after the rain of the last few days.... ended up at Oz en Oisans, where the lift area was busy with hundreds of downhillers practicing for the Sprint Avalanche race tomorrow (Sprint Avalanches are normal 4-6minute downhill races, one racer at a time against the clock) - I entered this race, but the course is pretty gnarly (rode it last week) and I don't fancy breaking myself for Mega so I am giving it a miss. Picked up my race number as a memento tho :)
Also, whilst lying in this morning, my Speedball seatpost arrived and was rapidly fitted. Used it today - first thoughts? Crap clamp holding the seat. Lots of "play" in the saddle. However, come to an uphill, hit the lever on the bars and up she pops. So I rode all the uphills in the qualifying route, at one point passed lots of guys pushing - if I can do this in the race I think its my best bet for qualifying in the first or second waves (realistically, the second!)
Back to practice at Alpe d'Huez tomorrow
see ya! :D

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