Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in the Saddle.....

Tried to get the Helmet cam going today, but each of the files created on the Archos recorder where corrupted (or so it said) - bah bloody technology! One would have been a belter, I was recording on the fast blue on the Pied Moutet side, and there were a group riders in front of me that I had to pass, the first 2 stopped, the 3rd held on, until the track splits and you can take a large tabletop or remain low, I took the table route and pedalled like mad to get past, however nearly lost it on the next jump as my foot slipped on the pedal. Great days!

So, went off to do the Glacier descent again, ended up going a different way on the top section, its not that well sign posted - at least for Mountain of Hell there will be several hundred riders to follow :D - descended all the way down to Venosc - so that made around 2000m of descending - it took 41minutes, max speed was 36.6mph and distance is 10.3 miles.
Average speed was 15mph, dropped slightly from last time, probably because of being lost, crashing once, and the final descent to Venosc is just plain evil. Huge bermed switchbacks one after the other (it drops 800m in 2 miles) with massive braking bumps coming into each one really pounds your body. Some of the berms have jumps coming into them, and I found myself jumping into the berm just to clear some of the braking bumps. Hands and arms are that mullered at the end youo can hardly brake.... :D

Would make good helmet cam action if I could only get it working! Maybe I need someone who knows something about computers.....
Finally, there is a photographer each day on the LeDiable descent, heres a couple of shots he got of me on Saturday, I am sure he won't mind me using these, I'll probably buy a copy anyway, they're good shots:

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