Monday, July 02, 2007

Arrival in 2Alpes

So, tired and aching, I set off from Morgins to 2 Alpes, following the TomTom blindly.... and with a blocked road somewhere near Morzine (I think) with a massive diversion via Thonon and close to Geneva, not to mention a missed turn on the autoroute that meant paying a 1.70 toll twice, and a trip through the centre of Grenoble, I arrive in 2 Alpes 4 1/2hrs later. (check the route graphically here:
Greeted by a my brother Marcus and a brew, I unload the car, which seems now to contain a whole bike teams equipment:

A day or twos rest is in order now - some nice food and a chill for a couple of days. Off to Lyon on thursday to take Marcus for his Cisco exam, and then back to Morzine (to use those free lift pass vouchers - thanks again Glen, Ian, Dan, And and Gary) on Friday. May get a day riding in 2 Alpes on Wednesday - see what the weather does......

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