Friday, April 06, 2012


A quick update….
Made a new surround for the sliding door window:

This will serve as a template for some decent ply.  The corners need some tweaking.
Trial fitting of the wall on the drivers side.  Again this will serve as a template, I’ll be getting some reasonable quality birch ply.  I’ll possibly add aluminium angle around the 'reveal' to hide the rough edges.

I quite like the look of the bare wood, so now considering some white oak faced ply for the ceiling with no additional covering, I’ll just wax it.  Will probably cover the walls though.

Supporting a couple of battens being glued to the roof.  The roof ply will be screwed to this.

Anyway its started raining now (it is Easter Bank Holiday weekend, after all) – so into the warm house I go.
Next week I should get my water tank, gas fitting stuff, electrical control box and some more ply.  Hoping for some good weather.....

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