Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back where there’s never any rain....

And the rain falls gently on the town,
And over the heads of all of us.

So, here we are again.  I have been busy, in contrast to the number of updates I have posted here.  Mostly inbetween showers and more persistent rain.  The rain has at least proven how water tight the windows and roof lights are.  The front roof light does leak a bit, when I get a day or 2 of dry weather I'll take it off and use non-drying mastic and some PVC sheet to seal it properly.  The windows and the other roof light are water tight.

In the realm of Chaos, the King sits upon a white throne...

Water Heater installation - I had to cut away some of the inner skin to get it to fit.  Quite neat though now.

 More holes in the van: Water Heater flue on the left, Mains Hookup on the right.

LPG Tank frame, with additonal UNISTRUT parts to fix to the van floor.

100W Solar panel, mounted on the roof.  Its pretty big.

I also have a frame made for the water tank, and have specified and ordered a shower tray from Neil who made the water tank.

The electric control system has arrived, once the LPG and Water tank are mounted, and gas drop holes made, then I can start wiring.....

Thanks to Mike at, who will be making the bed cushions, top man.

Until next time...

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