Thursday, April 05, 2012

Four to the Floor.....

Is there anybody out there? 
I have had a few days break from the van as I have been using its internal space as nature intended – for a car boot sale at Wetherby in Sunday, and to take a whole load of junk (including the original ply lining) to the local tip.   Yesterday, the weather was terrible, snowing and cold in the morning, so I ended up changing the wiper mechanism in Gazs Golf instead.  As you do in a blizzard.  Anyway, that’s done, the sun is out again and the megabus build moves on…..
Today I decided it was time to complete the floor.  You can see from this pic most of the celotex in place, and flexible plastic conduit laid in the cable channel.  This conduit will carry cold water to the water heater, hot water back from the heater to the kitchen sink and various wiring for appliances.  Gas pipes will also need routing this way, these won’t be inside conduit though.
Completing the floor – cable conduit in place. 
Ply down, cable conduit exiting in what will be the bed box on the right and kitchen units on the left.  Gas pipes will also route via this channel, I’ll probably need to take one of the conduits out for this.

Some conduit (thanks Shaun) earlier….

I screwed the final ply layer down with a screw at each corner, it will probably need to come up again to locate waste holes, a gas pipe from the tank underneath, water pipes from the tank underneath etc.
I also put some cable in for the rear speakers.  This allowed me to take a look at where I would route the wire from the battery to the electrics control unit.  There is a big bunch of cables that come through from the engine bay, and this is looking favourite.
Progress was also made with the window finishing.

Making the reveal on the sliding door.  On reflection, I’ll cut a bigger piece of ply that fills the window area and put some expanding foam behind it as an insulator, so there won't really be a reveal on this side.  There isn’t really the room to put celotex here…..Also notice the speaker wire….
Making the reveal.  2 more strips of wood down the sides to finish.  Then this is at the height of the celotex \ ply wall that will be added.  I’ll then either paint or cover somehow the inset section.
Also had a few thoughts about wall and celing covering.  I want to keep the van pretty light and airy – some people use wallpaper on the celling, but I am thinking possibly vinyl flooring.  Alternatively, white pvc sheets (as will be used to line the bathroom)
This is the swatch card for the flooring I am considering…

With this colour as the ceiling covering:
And one of the blues (or greys) for the floor. : 

A place in Bradford sells this stuff, I need to get some samples to see how it will look.  Not sure about the wall covering yet, I was going to use carpet, but having 2nd thoughts….

Tomorrow night its Orbital in Leeds, should be a top gig, then some biking for the weekend :)

Until next time….


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