Wednesday, April 18, 2012

British Spring Time....

British Springtime has arrived with a vengeance….

Before it did, I managed to fit a window for the bathroom:

Bathroom Window – notice its right above the wheel arch, which will no doubt cause a bit of fun when fitting the bathroom.  This window is hinged at the top (the others are sliders) – it is the narrowest Seitz S4 you can get.
Bit of a window reveal thing.
I also tested the fit of the roof ply – I have some self drilling screws (thanks Shaun) that are just the job to get through the ply and into the metal ribs.
Testing the roof fitting.
Then the weather came…

Working in the British Springtime requires anti rain measures….

I still managed to get a lot of the insulation in place: 
Celotex invasion….

I also received the replacement gas tank, which does look a lot more manageable, and here is the custom water tank, thanks to Neil at EMPF (

So all I need now is some dry weather to get some of this done, however current forecast is not good, and time is marching on!

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Adrian said...

Nice progress so far, but working with power tools doesn't seem a good idea but a bold one :) - press on cowboy.