Monday, July 07, 2008

More Mega training

Day 23 – More Mega training

A bit of a late start due to the late arrival last night, then bike building and fettling. Finally at the lift pass place, mega week passes obtained we hit the blue under the first lift. Weather wasn’t looking great, it had rained over night. Here we are at the top…..
After a few runs to build confidence we went up to try the middle section of the mega qualifier again. Bouncing wildly off rocks, we made it down. Gaz had a puncture in the XC UST High Roller again. Maybe a bad batch?

Back up to possibly do the bottom of the qualifier down to Oz, we could see some weather on its way. A group decision was needed, down to Oz and risk the lift being shut and the prospect of a 2 hour push up. No thanks! Clean the bikes and back to the apartment for beers and more fettlage.

My broken body is holding up well, can't lift my bike onto the hanger to clean it, due to the left shoulder, and my grip is possibly a bit weaker - but other than that all good.
Getting closer to jumping the fun box, more speed or pop rerquired, pictues to follow.....

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Laura said...

Hello hon, how's it going? Good blogging again, it's keeping me going during a very boring day at work!