Monday, July 28, 2008

Col-a-doodle-doo + Cat Search

Left Val Thorens bound for 2Alpes earlier. I had managed to “aquire” the alps map for the GPS, for evaluation purposes you understand, the other map I had only contained the main routes – so I thought the shortest route back to 2Alpes would be interesting, this being a rest day anyhow, and in no rush to get anywhere…..
After seeing this sign, I thought I was in for a real treat. Onwards and still searching, sadly no cats could be found, just a couple of old dogs. Oh well.
The GPS took me via the Col de Madeleine, where lots of German bikers seemed to enjoy overtaking me on the way up as much as on the way down I enjoyed using the whole road ;)
Not sure of the GPS in shortest route mode, seems to want to take me via every farm track and driveway just to cut out a corner. At one point I arrived at a bridge that had been blocked off with large concrete blocks. On instructing the GPS of a blockage, it took me down a farm track for 3km, through a farm complete with angry dog, then back onto the original route, after a super tight turn. There were lots of signs on the mountain roads saying that vehicles longer than 6m could not get through. Adventure! Second col of the day was the ol’ favorite Col de Glandon. Heres Panzer II in the alps…. Back to 2Alpes via the supermarket in Bourg – glad to be home!

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