Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking News.....

I did the 2nd biggest drop this morning – just did a run of Le Diable upto the top of the bike park, then just rolled in and dropped it :) No thinking time. As expected, no great shakes at all…. Oh yeah did it a few more times just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. I reckon the wooden ladder on this one is about 12 feet high, and again with the landing transition you probably go around the same in vertical downwards. Expect some action shots of this soon!
The road gap still eludes me though.....maybe thats tomorrows first job

The drop today

The drop a few weeks ago (from day 1 in fact) with Gaz stood atop it - its a big un

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Cliffos said...

Yeah BOY!

Respect daz, thats is a big ONE!
so Road gap later then the real big ONE after that!

Its absolutely pissin down here today!

Saw the offical vid of Mountain of hell, i'm on there at the start of the Qualifs, yeah! also saw headcam of Jerome Clements, man that boy took some sneaky lines!

All the best,
Keep it rubber side down