Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MOH Training – In Tartiflette we Trust

Another great day in the Alps, up for the first Vallee Blanche lift at 9:30am – noodled around down to Mont-de-Lans on a blue – not all that, then back up the Jandri to 2600m to check out some of the MOH route. Looks plenty different this year, including a crazy bombhole type descent, with the option of a long traverse to avoid. 2 English guys (not here for the race, going back home for the NPS) showed me how it was done. Maybe tomorrow….
Down the blue switchbacks, I encountered a rather large flock of sheep to ride through. Here on the way back on the lift (me not the sheep)
Got to hook up with Rohan, his brother Joe and friend Gav today. More Yorkshire top bombing! Fair to say I was not holding them up, but they were also impossible to catch. Had some great flat out runs, as well as a beer at break time. My kind of boys!
Joe, Gav and Rohan

Finished with the awesome Venosc decsent – I get pretty tired on the 2nd half with all the braking bumps, but the top half is flatout craziness. Nice long day in the saddle – finished at 5:30pm (8hrs) – talk of helmet cam action tomorrow (need to fix my peak first) and more importantly Smokeys tonight for a Mexican. Let the good times roll!!!!

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