Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day in Pictures

Did my favorite ride again today (~30miles in Switzerland) heres some pics I took along the way:

A tree, with some cows finding some shade underneath. This area has lots of vineyards (which I have cunningly missed off the pic)

Nice Swiss Village, lots of these on the way...

Another Swiss Village (called Genolier)

This is a water trough in Genolier, every village has at least one. Not seen one that says "eau potable" yet.

Swiss Mountain Railway - sadly you can't see on this pic, but Mont Blanc is\was visible on the other side of the lake

At just over 1000m altitude, this was the summit of the ride - its all downhill from here! The mountains ahead are the Juras


Laura said...

Yay the blogs back!! :):)

Happy Birthday for Wednesday too xx

Jenkinso said...

Every pic I look at makes me even sicker to be sat here in Leeds and my view of the furniture shop car park. Keep em coming so it allows me to see what a great life could look like :-)