Sunday, May 09, 2010

Border Storming!


Had played around with some GPS routes (in Google Earth format, KML) to potentially go for a bike ride into the Juras today.

Sadly, failed getting the routed loaded on my GPSCycle App on my Windows Mobile device (fixed it now though)
Not so bad, as the cloud descended today and the Juras would have been a no go area (fair weather rider that I am!)

Upon rising, I noticed that there were some snowy peaks visible on the south side of the Lake, so decided to drive out and try to get some pics. However, the danger of being so close to the Franco-swiss border, suddenly I crossed another unmanned border post and found myself in Switzerland, sans Passport I might add. So how to get back into France? Hopefully via another unmanned border post. But, the next post on the way back to Divonne, as usual the Swiss side had no one there, but there were Police on the French side "zut alors"! Fortunately, they were otherwise engaged and I got through unharmed.....

Just at the border is the Divonne-les-Bains man-made Lake (never enough Lake around here) and the "Hippodrome", sadly no Hippos to be seen, but it is infact a horse racing track.

Hippodrome, snowy peaks in the background if you look carefully
Divonne-les-Bains Lake, not the biggest Lake around here

There are lots of Birds of Prey around here too, I think some are not just the run of the mill Buzzard either, some of them seem mahooosive.

Bird of Prey

Heres the best pic I got of the mountains. Very Poor, Very Poor indeed. (my pic, the mountains are great)

Well, first day at the office tomorrow, till next time, Au Revoir

oh yeah, one thing, they don't sell bubble bath in France. BOO!

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