Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cycling at Last

Its a random Bank Holiday in France\Switzerland today. So I decided to get the bike out and ride up a big mountain (1500m or so to be exact)
I didn't intend to be out long, but it was 4hrs 40mins in the end. I downloaded a route from here, that started in Versoix but passed close to Divonne-les-Bains, where I intended to pick it up.
I was navigating using a free GPS cycle computer, that you can load kml\gpx files into. There is no background map, so it turned out a bit hit and miss.
The climb started well in a nice forest, but I soon went wrong. The trail criss-crosses the road upto La Barillette, and without a background on the map it was pretty difficult to see where I was going. Half way up a super steep push I figured I had gone the wrong way, and rode back down. The climb was on nice trials to come back down, so I had high hopes. Anyhow, 3-1/2hrs later I had done the climb! I blame the slowness on having to check navigation all the time.
The descent turned out to be on fireroad, it was pretty quick and the wet mable size rocks made it interesting, but nothing to write home about. Some great views of the lake on the way down, not really a lot of time to check them out though.
If I do it again, I reckon its straight up the road, then down the climb.
I am absolutely knackered now, its been a while since I have been on a bike, going to ache tomorrow!
Heres the route:

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