Saturday, June 07, 2008

Long time no see.....

Well hello stranger...

lots happened since last time:

1) I got a Santa Cruz Nomad because the stoned guys at Cove couldn't deliver me a huster in time
2) I did lots of riding, more recently Glentress 3 or 4 times, uplifts at Cwmcarn 3 times, an uplift at inners, lots of good stuff
3) I broke my left collar bone on 10th may at Glentress. boo. Still its 5 weeks ago now and feeling much stronger. The good 'ol NHS didn't spot the break, so I was off having physio for 2 weeks until I noticed a huge lump not to mention broken bone like pain. Anyway an x-ray proved a previously broken collar bone. Cheers NHS! Actually, twas probably the best outcome, as they would have prescribed immobilsation for 4 weeks. Now, 5 weeks later, I have minimal muscle wastage (nowt to waste anyway) and hoping to be on the bike in 2 weeks or so.

Off to france for 11 weeks next saturday, 14th june. Bring it on, I say, Bring it on :)

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