Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am still here....

Sorry for no posts recently, really not been much to say. The resort is now back to being quite after the Mondial finished on Sunday.
Gaz is tired, and only managed half a day yesterday, was meant to get an 7:30am start this morning to hit the snow before it got soft, but that disappeared, hes just off now.

I have been doing 1hr regularly on my turbo, averaged 150bpm heart rate yesterday, so a good workout. Not quite the same as a ride down the mountain but there you go.

I am currently convinced my collar bone has not joined up, I am still in some pain when I try to lift a weight with straight arms over my head...... :(

Heard off Gav yesterday, he says Morzine is dusty and hot. Good for our arrival in Les Gets tomorrow.

Looks like the weather will be a touch cooler today, the sun is a bit hazy. Its a hard life :)

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