Sunday, June 22, 2008

A living legend?

Day 7…(Saturday 21/6/2008) – In the Presence of Greatness…

A rest day for Gaz and I. Washing to do. Chicks to dig. 30degrees Celcius in the resort :)
So we are looking for bargains (this Yorkshire thing is rubbing off on me) and I spied an interesting looking bike on the Lapierre stand. Basically it was a silver version of their DH-230 frame. But with some differences:
Internal cable routing
BOS Idylle Fork
BOS Stoy (sex toy!) rear shock
Mavic XM819 rims
So you may have guessed by now, but this was Nico Vouilloz bike. The great man himself (10 times World Championship winner, Megavalanche 2006 winner) was stood close by giving an interview to a French bike magazine. He then led out a test ride for Lapierre, that would have been one cool ride to be on….
Also spotted this Marzocchi fork with a 15mm QR axle. This was on the Shimano stand, so that’s a full XT wheel with a 15mm hub. Exclusive. Right here. Course this is just a new standard dreamt up by the manufacturers to make jeyboys buy new forks and hubs.

Not hardcore enough for 20mm? Then you need 5 less. Definitely not freeride. This is slightly angry XC.

IMHO Rockshox maxle light on next years Revelations is the way to go, full 20mm, keep your existing wheels.
Also on the Shimano stand, a SC Bullit with full Saint groupset, including wheels. Yum Yum.

Lots of dirt jump action and also a round of the Coupe de Monde 4x championship. These guys showing how to ride the 2alpes 4x track, clearing the road gap and triple jumps with ease. Subplot – Episode 5 - Gaz and his Wheel
Gaz got the parts for his sick wheel (thanks Craig)
Gaz took the wheel to the Mavic stand
The mavic man said the axle was snapped, and the bearings were seized and would he mind paying 15euros for a bearing.
Gaz and I became mavic employees as loads of French folks seemed to now think we worked for mavic just because we were hanging around in the welcome shade of the mavic stand.
The mavic man fitted a new axle, bearing and trued the wheel.
Total cost = 15euros.
Take that Hope!

Subplot – Episode 6 - Gaz and his Wheel
Gaz was carrying the wheel around after it being fixed, and went to MarcheU for some ham and cheese.
Gaz left the wheel at the checkout and set off back to the apartment.
Gaz panicked and ran back, and retrieved the wheel
I hope that brings to an end the tale of Gaz and his wheel….

Here is Gazs latest look, in a “Kenny” helmet. Loving that "French" style.

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