Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Windows, 2012.

Well done for sticking with this :)
Today I got my carpentry tools stash:

Some tools today.

Most of which I didn’t need as it was rooflights and cutting windows day.
After much thinking, I decided not to use the other big (40cm) vent – but to install the small turbo (28cm with electric fan) on the roof where there is a flat section.  The hole vent fit in this area without any packing above the roof – so in theory water tightness should be more easily achieved.

Turbo rooflight with fan.  Test fitting after cutting the hole. 

Completely installed.  I used 40mm blue mastic and sikaflex on the outside to seal it.  Will give it the hose pipe test tomorrow…..

Front roof light also finished.  I filled all the gaps on the ouside with hardwood and mastic.  Again yet to be tested for waterproofness….

Having pretty much finished the rooflights, it was time to do the windows….

Man at work, marking out the window.  Just to prove it is actually me doing this….

3 cuts in.  I drilled holes at the corners to allow the jigsaw blade to get started.  At this point I applied more duck tape to stop the panel flapping about, before starting the 4th and final cut.

Holey Moley

Window test fitting.  Pretty straight, I think one of the corners needs grinding slightly to drop the front bottom corner a touch.  The idea is that the top of the silver line aligns with the top of the recess (you can see the shadow formed by that above)

Sikaflex, clamps etc. etc. 

The windows came supplied with battens, but they were 25mm (which according to the seitz manual, is the correct size for a 1mm wall – seitz windows are made for 26mm thick walls.  However, the actual walls of the megabus are going to be something like 50mm thick.  So, I am going to made a window reveal somehow.  Step one for this was to cut the battens down to 21mm, which, when small width of 4mm play is added, gets me back to 25mm.  The window will be inset 25mm from the main ply wall, the reveal being formed by the 25mm section butting up against a 50mm section.  Or that’s the plan anyway….

Secure for the night…. You can also see the navy seat covers fitted.

Tomorrow I’ll endeavour to get the window in the sliding door.  Only got half a day tomorrow as another bike ride is arranged for the afternoon.  Should be enough time to get the hole cut and battens sized, ready for finishing on Thursday….

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