Sunday, March 25, 2012

more floor.....

Today I made more progress on the floor (after a top quality bike ride in the morning) – the first section (behind the cab) is finished, and 12mm ply is cut for the garage.

I realised I didn’t need to insulate the garage area, so that meant less work – only requiring to cut some 12mm to shape. 
The garage are is going to be 1700mm deep (from the back door) – this gives space for bikes in bags, bikes lengthways with their front wheel off, and possibly depending on the size of the bike, lengthways with front wheel turned nearly 90 degrees.

So, I have 4mm ply lined upto the 1700mm mark, then 12mm back from that.  I need some more battens and a sheet of celotex to complete the living area floor, which I will get tomorrow.

I’ll also put in a tunnel for cables across the van near the wheel arches.  I guess this will need to have a removable lid so that you can unscrew and get access later.  Not sure exactly how this will work yet…..

First sheet of celotex cut to shape and installed.  Todays top tip is use a bread knife to cut celotex, its perfect.

Now two….

Finally the 3rd, note handbrake area, and pieces to fill the void near the step….

12mm ply cut to shape and screwed down – notice marks on the batten to show where the supports are underneath

  Garage area.  All the rough edges (side step, rear step) will be covered with aluminium edging.  Hoping to also cover the garage with 5 bar aluminium treadplate so its hardwearing (however its expensive)

Next week I hope to get the windows ordered, and windows and skylights installed (I have the skylights already, just need to figure out where in the roof they can go – having problems finding a suitable space for the one above the bathroom) .  Good weather means it is an ideal time to do this.

However, before I cut holes for the windows, I need to figure out how high the bed base (with seat and back cushions) will be, since the window will need to be above this ideally.  From my mums camper, the seat base is around 14” high (with 5” of cushion).

The plan is to have a seat box that pull out into a double bed, so around 1200mm wide (sorry for mixing imperial and metric measurements, but I was born in 1971 J) – so the seat base needs to “house” (as seat cushions) 1200mm worth of foam for the bed “mattress”.  Not figured out how yet ….

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