Friday, August 01, 2008

Road Gap + Bad Wheels

Attempted the road gap on the 4x track today. First time came up a little short - SHATTACK! Then jumped it OK. 3rd attempt saw me dabbing the brakes (NO NO NO!) just before takeoff leading to another short one. Heres one of my later attempts, with a comedy ending.....:

Also now there are 2 missing spokes in my rear wheel (mavic EX823), its standing up pretty well considering....however, I have ordered a new one from Stif, which hopefully Tom will be able to bring next week. Until then, I intend to use the horrible DTSwiss rear until its completely destroyed. The front is going on eBay, and I'll probably get the rear hub built up with an XM819.
DERT mountain bike shop in Morzine have the tools to fix my current wheel, so only a few days on the DTSwiss, then I am going to jump up and down on it. I tried to fit a 2.5 High Roller to it last night, and there is no way the bead is going on there. So back to the 2.35 High Roller that came off and an inner tube....

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Cliffos said...


Pure Gold and i havent even got sound on here, i nearly did the same thing too, so happy i landed it forgot about the corner, hehe!

You know Tom from Stiff ay? Say hi from me when you see him lad.. i didnt know he's off out there, lucky man!