Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anyone still reading this?

Hello everyone!
After 3 weeks of recouperation, this is my current situation:

Left hand still in cast, due off in 4 weeks or so.
Right hand cast and stitch free, getting some mobility back in it, doing physio, stretches, small weights now too.

Left arm is looking gollum like already, it will probably be a wire by the time the cast comes off....

I have a nintendo DS to stave off the boredom, and have ordered some hand exercise balls for my recovery, they will get plenty use.
This is me on the big drop, on the day of the crash.....
Ride hard :)


TomD said...

I'm still reading it - waiting for some photos of the injuries like this one of my skiing injury - The Cut

Tom D

Laura said...

We're still watching too