Monday, September 25, 2006

Lakes conquered

Saturday was the day for a trip to the Lakes and a 22mile jaunt through Grizedale, Low Parkamoor, Bletherbarrow lane, Breasty Haw, Fox sculpture descent and finally Claife Heights.

Switched the shock shuttle on the enduro to the high BB one and this was a revelation. No more pedal smacks and generally a much better ride. Easily as good as the nicolai on descents.

Fox descent in particular was awesome, absolutely flew it. If I can ride that fast on the Megavalanche qualifier I might make the first wave!

Climbing was still a nightmare, got cramp at around the 17-18 mile mark, just before the Claife height climb, which became more of a push. I had to get up there so I could do the descent back to Hawkshead. However, had a snakebite near the end, and managed to ruin 3 inner tubes with the tyre levers trying to repair it! 30 minutes later, I rolled back to hawkshead, the tyre going down again. Just another reason to go tubeless methinks......

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