Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm here!

phew, das nut has finally got a blog. This can only mean bad news.

"Whats happening in dasnut freeride land" I hear you cry (or maybe you are just crying, its so hard to tell)

Well, I am off to Ladybower this evening for a ride with the Bad Brains crew. This one involves riding the "Beast" in the dark. My lights are fully charged.

Then on Saturday, off upto Grizedale with a few folks from work. Nice little route planned (22miles) taking in the best sections of the Northface Trail, plus Parkamore, Breasty Haw and Claife Heights. You know it makes sense. 1100m climbing. That should test my new lightweight 6" travel clown bike. That will take me to a total of around 70 miles on the bike this week. And relax......

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