Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back in England - wrecked kit lists

Back in England now - mmm great

Actually Wrecked Kit list:
2 x Maxxis High Roller 60a Rear Tyres
2 x Maxxis Minion Super Tacky Front Tyres
1 x Crank Brothers 5050 pedal (crank side needle bearing in many pieces)
3 x Mech Hangers
1 x Specialized Saddle (bent rails)

Probably Wrecked Kit List:
1 x Rear Mech (currently on a bent mech hanger so hard to tell, but I reckon its twisted)
1 x Rear Wheel (in need of some serious truing - possibly beyond repair)

errrr - thats it. Not too bad for 4 weeks in the alps...

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Anonymous said...

yeah - Not too bad :). Adam (your Vp-Free :P)