Monday, February 26, 2007

Megavalanche bike takes shape.....Tubeless is fun

OK, so the enduro is having a rebuild for megavalanche. So far we have:

2 x Hope V2 brakes with vented rotors (+plenty of spare pads)

PUSH'd '07 Fox VAN R rear shock (thanks to for excellent service)

2xEX823 Tubeless rims with Hope ProII hubs

6xVarious Maxxus Tubless tyres (1 month in France will see the end of a few of em methinks)

Hope - Keep it British

got a 50mm Thomson stem coming from in the states as well

on the not so bouncy front, I am mostly riding an On-One 456 at the moment. Lightweight and steel, goes great uphill - everything the enduro is not. Apart from it flies downhill as well. Still not upto the mega tho, or maybe........
Off to the Lakes to wheebase for a demo day on Saturday, "demo-ing" a Rocky Mountain something. Meeting up with some old friends (old as me at least!) from Uni (Tom + Jenny). Should be fun! Biking then Beer - a perfect combination.

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